Visual Arts

From the visual arts, we encourage individual expression, inviting children to tell a little about themselves, their past, present, and future, involving imagination, motor skills, specific vision, and social interaction.

While using materials and objects that they can change and manipulate at will, children will also acquire the ability to transform their own perspective of life from a social and cultural point of view, looking to the future.

Professor Howard Gardner argues that art stimulates fundamental facets of human potential and promotes children's cognitive development by getting closer to the world around them. 



Drawing, painting, modeling, and everything that is taught to the children and young people in Zuá’s visual arts group are tools that will give them the ability to create and transform the world with their hands and with sensitivity and understanding.

Seeing art in another way,  they learn that being an artist is much more than being able to make beautiful images or realistic oil paintings, but also to be able to invent creative and unique solutions that can drive the world, to lead by example and dedication, to keep a critical eye on the world, to create alternatives and make them come true.