Performing arts: music, theatre, circus, and dance

There are several tutors to strengthen the varied talents of children and young people. It is a field where the Foundation already has the long experience of more than 17 years getting children and young people to reach high performance levels, especially in the Foundation’s artistic performances, and helping them to exploit their skills and discover what they can achieve if they learn and practise.


From Monday to Friday, topics taught to children from foundation stage to fifth grade are the language of music and a specific instrument, and to the secondary education group, percussion from the coastal region and musical ensemble.


 This year, emphasis has been put on nursery rhymes singing, ascending, and descending musical notes, body percussion, instrument’s names and their sounds, lyres, singing, flute, melodies, and American coding.
The instruments we are working with are guitar, violin, lyre, keyboard, wind instruments and minor percussion.




All the children and young people of the Foundation are brilliant, and those of the music group are there because they want to make music. They pay full attention every Saturday, they like to learn, and every class is an opportunity for us to stimulate them to continue learning.


The circus art workshop was created this year, with 15 children held on Saturdays from 8:00 to 11.00 a.m. The first hour and a half is devoted to warming every part of the body, stretching and 10 minutes jogging. One element is allocated to every student to experiment with. In addition, there are other activities that take place every month, such as going skating, for example, as a physical activity that fosters balance, self-improvement, and team help.



An integrated play with music and circus is currently being prepared. The script has already been defined and the young people who will perform each role are being selected.