Empowering Mon and Family program


From the beginning of the Foundation, we have been clear that the promotion of mothers, as heads of households, is essential for their children to succeed. The reality is that, in the vast majority of cases, these women, as children, escaped from home because of the various types of violence in their family environments and even being girls also became pregnant, with the logical consequence that they dropped out of school.

Now they repeat the same pattern as their mothers, they live alone with children of different partners. They then must assume the upbringing and sustainability of their home. As if that were not enough, when they have a partner, they are subjected to physical and psychological abuse.

Throughout these years we have made progress in understanding these women’s behaviors and motivations, thanks to which, we have achieved that at least 20 of them have agreed to finish high school, with the help of the Foundation.

Now we have the professional team formed for this work: listen to them, understand them, encourage them to live and dream in their projects. Additionally for them, the income from recycling, their main activity, has been drastically reduced, as well as other occasional productive activities, which has led them to seek new income alternatives, and with it, the need to better prepare for the lifetime. Then, in response to this manifest need for them and to the awareness that the Foundation has had for several years about the need to promote them, the EMPOWERING MOM AND FAMILY PROGRAM was designed, with the following four training axes, aimed at mothers:

1. Axis of psychosocial development: its objective is to recognize their own reality, capacities, limitations and difficulties of the socioeconomic environment, so that they can regain their self-esteem, security and appropriate their reality, transform it and dream their own life project.

2. Training for life axis: it is aimed at helping them understand the foundations of information and communication technologies and discovering the usefulness and pleasure of reading and writing, as well as the management of elementary mathematics, it demands their daily life as interlocutors of their children and that they train them to accompany them in their academic learning process.

3. Axis for formal education: it is proposed to enroll mothers informal education institutions so that they can attend primary and secondary school and hopefully enter higher education.

4. Entrepreneurship axis: it is proposed to train them to consider new income possibilities, hopefully by organizing with other of their colleagues so that they discover opportunities, sources of leverage and financing for their new ventures.

In the 5 months that the new program has been running, we have already linked 12 moms and a dad (who are welcome) with whom we have started the development of the 4 aforementioned axes, with the support of a team of volunteer professionals and university tutors. In addition, we continue to support children in their learning and their homework virtually.

We have given each of the 12 families 1 new laptop, partial support for paying for the internet and a monthly groceries package, which they receive if they fulfill the commitment to study. All this helps, is for the mothers to motivate and to get peace of mind so that they dedicate at least 2 hours a day to the program. To the extent that they achieve success in the first two axes, we motivate them to enter their basic primary and secondary education.

The goal, with this pilot, is to reach 30 families before the end of 2020, for which we need your support. With USD $40 a month, we can include one more family in the program, without counting the cost of the computer. This is just an indicator, any help through any of the bank accounts, Global Giving or PayU, would be of great help