Global Giving

The Zuá Foundation is committed to implementing programs for the benefit of an incredibly special population: children, young people, and their highly vulnerable families in the neighborhood of Patio Bonito, in Bogota, Colombia. In April 2019 we applied to the Global Giving crowdfunding platform with the aim of participating in a fundraising campaign. Created 17 years ago, Global Giving brings together donors and social causes for the purpose of raising funds for specific projects, under strict conditions and criteria that offer guarantees of transparency and honesty for a secure transaction.

Zuá’s application was accepted once the agents of Global Giving reviewed all the legal documents submitted (our by-laws, management reports from 2017 to 2019, audited annual accounts, certificates of legal representation, and of having settled all national tax obligations).

The Zuá Foundation submitted a USD 10,000 project. This is a challenge that we can achieve only with your help. This link

will give you information about the project "Bogotá: Opportunities for 120 children & youngsters", which is published on the Global Giving website. The amount requested for donation was increased to USD 20,000.

The Zuá Foundation has been acknowledged by Global Giving as a non-profit organization, ranked among the top 30, certified for its legal soundness and financial clarity, as well as for its effective organization and management capacity, demonstrated in the first fundraising campaign. It has been accepted as a permanent member and has received several recognitions.