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Learning music with the children of Patio Bonito

Dear Friends,

In this newsletter we give the floor to our music teacher, Carlos Pabón, who year after year manages to bring our girls, boys and young people closer to music, teaching them how to interpret and produce it, rather than just consume it. He will tell us what he observes in the children and what he intends to achieve this year. This is how Carlos narrates his experience:

Imagen2"Through the music workshops at Fundación Zuá, most of the students have had the opportunity to participate in the basic learning of the written musical language and in the instrumental and/or vocal assembly of the themes or songs that have been implemented there.

Musical learning, whether through the practice of an instrument or the act of wanting to sing, apart from recreation, stimulates areas of the brain that help the development of essential aspects of personal growth such as creativity, sensitivity, analysis, concentration, reasoning, information processing, self-confidence and self-discipline, among others such as motor skills, hearing and memory. Music also allows children to develop their imagination, abstract thinking skills and helps them explore new ways of approaching problems. In addition, it leads to physical activity, as it requires the intervention of a conglomerate of muscles and tendons that act in the exercise. In some cases, I have been able to notice that, through participation in the music workshop, some students, by having to interact with their peers, have improved their interpersonal relationships, tolerance, patience and responsibility.



The musical process has been developing little by little, and the participating children and young people have shown a greater interest in approaching music and musical instruments, either because of their natural facility or their perseverance. This has led them to have greater self-confidence, achieving a self-discovery of skills and talents that they have shown in the presentations made in different scenarios.

These children have demonstrated effort in memorizing melodic and rhythmic lines, which shows their discipline and responsibility when performing exercises to learn an instrument, which is also reflected in their learning in areas other than music.

In the experience within the Foundation, we have lived closely the process that several students have had in their relationship with music, from children or young people who did not show to have musical facility to others who, immediately and without themselves knowing it, showed clear signs of having that natural quality, that ear with which some are born.


In the case of some of them, the experience within the Foundation has had an impact on their school life, as is the case of Laura Valentina Saboyá (9 years old), who at school has been made part of a special music group due to her knowledge acquired in the music workshop, in addition to having a good academic performance.

Along the same path as Laura, the girl Danna Sofía Ramírez, also 9 years old, and who, being one of the youngest, is projected as a student who could shine in music, given her natural conditions and her interest in music.

 It remains to continue working with these groups and to deepen in this artistic area, where students have the opportunity to appreciate the different musical styles, instilling learning to listen. Given that the environment is complicated today, a poor understanding of music can lead children and young people to a path without criteria, without aesthetics or creativity, where rudeness and the absence of values reign.

I make special mention of the students Valery Samantha Reina, Mateo Morales, Narem Mateo Moreno, Ángel Nicolás Ramírez, Danna Sofía Cediel, Sara Ladino, Heidy Ramírez, John Fernando Pinto, Juan Pablo Rodríguez, Michael Stip Morales, María Ruth Cortés, Danna Sofía Ramírez and Laura Valentina Saboyá for their willingness and interest in learning, being students who have regularly sought ways to be involved in instrumental practice and group participation in musical productions. We include in this bulletin some of the original testimonies that they have expressed (as they are in their own handwriting, please excuse any spelling errors).








The above indicates that many of the children at the site are interested in learning music, so much so that the teacher can dedicate himself to them during the three days he is present at the site. It should be noted that the music workshop is entirely voluntary and that the children who participate in it do so by their own choice and taste.

This demonstrates that the work done by the Foundation is extraordinary, since 1 out of every 3 children who enroll wants to learn music and does it with dedication and enthusiasm is a sign of how the Foundation changes lives. We invite you to join us in the task of awakening and stimulating so many potential talents."

Note: This is the original testimonial written by Professor Carlos Pabón for the publication of the Foundation's newsletter.





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