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25 years producing future

Dear Zuá Family,

The Foundation has just celebrated its 25th anniversary since its inception, which represents a valuable contribution to the country in terms of serving the most in need. To commemorate this milestone, we gathered on December 3rd with friends who have supported us and were able to attend our invitation. During the presentation, once again, they were able to witness some of what we do with the children and the extraordinary way in which they respond. The event was conceived as a synthesis of the work done over these 25 years. This newsletter is a brief description of what happened at that event. In the following newsletters, we will provide more detailed information about these commemorations.


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Firstly, we witnessed 87 children on stage, playing musical instruments, singing, participating in theater, dancing, or performing circus acts. These children stood out, as did the coordinators and the three arts teachers accompanying them. It is inspiring to see this number of boys and girls, their concentration, discipline, and talent, taking on their roles on stage and enjoying presenting themselves. This demonstrates to us that it is worth working with this population, which is ready to seize the opportunities presented to them.



The first testimony was shared by Jazmín Benavides, who represents approximately 600 moms, women whose lives the Foundation has touched. Jazmín shares her feelings and happiness. She completed her high school with the help of the Foundation and enrolled her eldest son in the Foundation when he was 6 years old. Today, thanks to the Foundation's support, two of her children are professionals, and the third is pursuing his career.







Next, Alex Joaquí and Catalina Joaquí, two young people who went through the Young Future Program in Cauca initiated in 2018, narrated how this experience with the Zuá Foundation offered them and 15 other young people from the program, who are currently studying at university, opportunities they had never imagined.




Paula Juliana Ramírez, one of the 32 professional graduates of the Higher Education Program, intervened next. This program, in which the Foundation pays for university studies in exchange for dedicating 20 hours a week to attending to young children, allowed Paula to become a head nurse. Thanks to the support of the Zuá Foundation, she also decided to learn German and, the day after the presentation, she traveled to Germany to work in a hospital.



The last testimony was shared by Luisa Rodríguez, who has just completed her third semester of studies in Physical Education and Sports at Uniminuto. Since she was 6 years old, she has been with the Foundation, growing and now leading the sports training program for children as a tutor. She is an example of life and overcoming, as are the other 15 young people funded by the Foundation who go to university and, in turn, are examples of life and tutors for young children.

The celebration was framed by the audience, consisting of friends who, in one way or another, have been contributing resources without which it would not be possible to touch so many lives and make so many girls and boys dream and, above all, realize their dreams. They were happy to witness the extraordinary work in transforming lives that the Foundation carries out and to know that they are a fundamental part of this great team, as without their help, none of this would be possible.


Finally, recognition was given to the volunteer management team, consisting of coordinators Diana Torres from the Patio Bonito headquarters, Katherine Peña from the Bosa headquarters, and Lisnaidú Guzmán from the rural headquarters Center for Studies los Senderos. Manuel José Ramos, coordinator of the Higher Education Program; Diana Pedraza, legal coordinator; Javier Ramírez, communications coordinator; Mary Luz Isaza in financial, accounting, and administrative coordination; and Hugo Quiñonez, fiscal auditor, were also recognized.

Before closing, the director, Moisés Pedraza, expressed profound gratitude to both those present and absent for their unwavering support to the Foundation. He encouraged them to redouble their efforts, as there are many current needs and resources are required to move forward and consolidate achievements. It was a great opportunity to have been able to bring together so many people who have made such a feat possible. The celebration of the 25 years of the Zuá Foundation ended with everyone united, hand in hand, forming a single mind and heart, with a prayer of thanks to God, who can do everything, fulfilling His will to help us help each other. He also thanked the present and absent donors on behalf of those who carry out the Foundation's work and the girls, boys, young people, and tutors benefited.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas 2023 and a prosperous New Year 2024 full of peace, love, and prosperity.




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