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Productive Pedagogical

Dear Zuá family.

It is with great excitement that we share with you the latest news from Fundación Zuá; last May, in commemoration of International Bee Day, we participated in the third edition of APIFEST Efecty 2023. This event is part of the "Polinizando Conciencias" program carried out thanks to Efecty's commitment to social and corporate responsibility: Giros, pagos y recargas, which brought together various beekeeping projects with initiatives of high social and environmental impact, where educational and commercial activities were carried out and outstanding beekeeping projects were recognized.


We are very proud to have been selected to participate with our environmentally responsible and sustainable beekeeping productive pedagogical project, which is being developed at the Centro Rural de Estudios Los Senderos, located in Sasaima, Cundinamarca. This project, which has been underway for more than 10 years, has overcome the difficulties typical of agricultural projects and currently has 2 apiaries and 14 hives, mainly for the protection of the species, pollination and honey production on a small scale. Our honey, 100% Sabor Social, has been the fruit of this hard work. This project, along with other agricultural initiatives, is led and managed by the young people of the "Young Future of Cauca" program; these young people reside temporarily in our headquarters, while the Foundation supports them in their pre-university and university studies, for us it is a source of pride and satisfaction to see how they grow and prepare themselves to be people who contribute to the community.











And now, we want to share excellent news with all of you! In this edition of Apifest, we were awarded first place for the high social and environmental impact of our beekeeping project in Los Senderos. This recognition would not have been possible without the unconditional support of Efecty: Giros, pagos y recargas, as well as Comapis SAS. We will continue to work closely with them to strengthen and consolidate this wonderful initiative.


This wonderful recognition translates into:

15 certified theoretical and practical courses in beekeeping, 7 hive maintenance kits,

2 management kits.



We invite you to click on the following links to be part of this experience and learn more about our project, as well as the highlights of Apifest 2023.

Imagen6 VIDEO Imagen7 VIDEO

Presentation of the Pedagogical

Productive Beekeeping Project

in Los Senderos Watch Video


Didier Villaquiran receives

on behalf of the Foundation the

recognition as a project of high

social and environmental impact. Watch Video



 A big hug and thank you very much for being part of our Zuá family!




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