Our Team

  • Moises Pedraza
    Moises Pedraza


    PhD from the University of Sheffield, England. Professor, head of a program and a school at the Colombian university “Universidad Javeriana” for 25 years. In 2004, he was given the José Félix de Restrepo award by the Colombian university “Universidad de Antioquia”, recognizing him as the Graduate of the Year.

  • Marino Mejia
    Marino Mejia

    Web Integrator

    Linked to the Foundation since 2018. Public Administrator from ESAP. Master's degree in Systems Engineering from the National University of Colombia. Systems professor at several universities in Bogota for more than 10 years and currently professor of computer science at the pre-university program and in charge of updating the Foundation's website.

  • Manuel José Ramos
    Manuel José Ramos

    Coordinator of the Higher Education Program.

    Economist from the University del Rosario, Master in History from the University Javeriana. He created the Pre-University Program in 2014 and continues to direct it. Member of the General Council

  • Lisnaidú Guzmán Rojas
    Lisnaidú Guzmán Rojas

    Coordinator of the Youth Program Porvenir del Cauca.

    Psychologist of the program Mamá si Sabe. She is currently studying for a master's degree in Clinical Psychology
    Treasurer of the Board of Directors 2021 - 2022.

  • Laurent Pacoud
    Laurent Pacoud

    Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Zuá Foundation

    An engineer in the environmental field, he has worked for the French State Development Bank (Agence Française de Développement) for more than 11 years.

  • Diana Torres
    Diana Torres

    “Talleres Aprendamos” Coordinator at Zuá’s premises in Bosa.

    BA in Basic Education with a major in Art Education. She leads and articulates the work of tutors, practitioners, and volunteers who participate in the different programs. She has been part of the Foundation's programs since 2005. She is currently completing a master's degree in Social Management as a beneficiary of the higher education program.

  • Javier Ramírez
    Javier Ramírez

    Communications Coordinator

    Professional in Marketing and Advertising. Responsible for leading and managing the Foundation's different strategies and communication channels, as well as for the designing and implementing of actions aimed at managing financial and in-kind resources.

  • Mary Luz Isaza
    Mary Luz Isaza

    Member of the General Council and of the Management Team

    Master's Degree in Education from the University of Sheffield, England. Thirty-year service experience at the Department of National Education in rural education programs. She served as a consultant to the World Bank in Central America for the design of educational projects.